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So you’ve decided to hire a professional to create content for your online product page. Probably their website asks you to contact them to set up a free consultation for a quote. 

However, it doesn’t matter too much what is being shot - what matters is how many days it will take to prepare for (Pre-Production), shoot (Principal Production), and edit (Post-Production) your footage. A 30 second product video may seem straightforward, but after mobilizing directors, producers, camera operators, editors, etc. you’re looking at a pretty complex operation that will take at least a 10 hour day to execute, in addition to the preparation and editing days.

With a full crew, here is what a single day shoot for a 30 second product video looks like, cost-wise:


  • Producer Labor
  • Script writing/Storyboarding
  • $300
  • $600

Principal Production

  • Camera Equipment Package
  • Lighting Equipment Package
  • Director of Photography Labor
  • Grip Labor
  • Gaffer Labor
  • Producer Labor
  • $850
  • $400
  • $1,600
  • $550
  • $700
  • $1,200


  • Initial Editing
  • Revision Round Editing
  • $1,100
  • $550

Executive Producer Fee

  • Payroll, Taxes
  • $1,413


30 Second Product Video

  • $9,263
  • The reason this is so expensive is because the production is bespoke. It takes an entire day to spin up and shut down just the shoot alone, never mind the pre-work that goes into designing a video from scratch and editing the footage to one-off specifications.

    At Eligo Video, we’ve templatized product video - drastically reducing costs. Our customers design the look and feel of their content using our online “Scene Builder,” eliminating the need for specialized design fees. Our cameras are always running, so there is no set up or tear down time for you to pay for. And our product videos are created using a set shot list, so editing is a breeze. 

    Check out our Content Kits and start optimizing your product pages with professional visual content achieved simply and efficiently. Sample product video can be found in our gallery.

    If you need unlimited customization and full-service video production, Eligo Studios is here to help. Brand Storytelling is our specialty. 

    Questions, comments, feedback? We’d love to hear from you!
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