How to Make a Product Video

You have a product you’re selling online and you want to include a video on your product page. Whether you’re using Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, or a website you’ve built on your own, adding video to a product page is as easy today as adding photos. You just need the content.

To make your own product video, you’ll need hardware and software.

For hardware, you’ll need the scene where your product will be placed. Plain paper works well, and with simple stands and clamps can be hung such that the backdrop smoothly transitions to the flat surface on which you’ll place your product. You can also buy mini-studios meant for product photography - we like what Orangemonkie has been doing in this space. We also like Replica Surfaces for a variety of classic and modern patterns. 

light boxreplica surfaces

With your scene ready, you’ll need a turntable or lazy-susan to spin your product while you’re filming. Something motorized is best so you can focus on operating the camera while the turntable moves at a consistent speed. Orangemonkie again has turntables, or there are many available on Amazon.


Orangemonkie foldio360Amazon Choice turntable


Lighting is extremely important in achieving great product video. We’ll cover advanced lighting techniques in future posts, but for now, we recommend shooting near large windows during the day to get natural light on your product. Also, many lights are now available for use during video calls - these can be repurposed for product video as well. 

Amazon webcam light

On to the camera. We recommend using a smartphone. Likely, you already have one, so there’s no need to purchase a stand alone camera for making product video. We’ll get into software shortly, but you can trust that a late or new model smartphone will have the camera hardware you need for quality video built in.

Lastly, for hardware, we recommend some kind of tripod to hold your phone steady. A vast number are available online in a variety of sizes and styles.

smartphone tripods

For software, your phone’s camera app should have many features that enable you to make product video. You should record your video at the highest resolution available. For editing, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer and using Vimeo.

That’s it for hardware and software - lights, camera, action! The third thing you’ll need that we haven’t mentioned yet is time. It can take several hours of work for just one 30 second video for a single product. And that's after cresting the learning curve you'll experience if you're just starting out with content creation. Expect to invest time learning about cameras, video, lighting, and editing. If you’re busy running your business and need help getting high-quality visual content quickly and easily, check out our Content Kits. We’re priced to compete with the DIY method but use cinema quality equipment operated by professionals.

Questions, comments, feedback? We’d love to hear from you!
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