How to Add Video to Your Ecommerce Page

Adding video to your ecommerce product pages is more important than ever. Studies show that “almost 80% of people state that product videos give them more confidence when purchasing a product.” For more exciting statistics about product video, check out what Wyzowl has to say here.

There are many platforms for selling products online, each with their own quirks and intricacies. However, each of these common platforms strive to make building your own ecommerce website as easy as possible.


amazon logo

Amazon is the gold standard for ecommerce. Being a seller on Amazon comes with a few more barriers to entry than more DIY-style ecommerce platforms, but once you’re in, you’re part of arguably the largest online store in the world. Instructions on how to add video to your Amazon listing can be found here.


shopify logo

Canadian ecommerce platform Shopify is one of Amazon’s major competitors as sellers move to create their own, standalone websites. Shopify has a suite of features to build out what would be a single product page or collection page into a full-fledged website, including informational pages, blogs, and newsletters. Shopify also has an app store with hundreds of add-ons to truly make your site unique and highly functional. Instructions on how to add video to your Shopify product page can be found here.


WooCommerce logo

WooCommerce is a product pages plugin for use with WordPress. WordPress started as a blog hosting service and has since grown to become one of the most popular content management systems on the internet. WooCommerce and WordPress require a little more knowledge of how to build a website, but 41.7% of all websites can’t be wrong. Instructions on how to add video to your WordPress site using WooCommerce can be found here.

We hope this quick post has been helpful in illuminating the options available for product video on ecommerce listings. Our Content Kits have all the video and photos you need to create a compelling and informative product page. Check out our gallery for product video examples and start designing your own Content Kits today.

Questions, comments, feedback? We’d love to hear from you!

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